Robert Sherrill

NCSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USAw Level 2 Weightlifting Coach

TPI L2 Golf Fitness Instructor
Red Cross CPR-AED Certified

Robert began his love of strength and conditioning when he started lifting for high school football. He and his teammate Tanner flipped tires, pushed trucks, and invented many other ways of moving heavy objects around. In the summer of 2012, Robert studied abroad in Russia. It was there while working out on a Soviet-era jungle gym and studying the history of kettlebell training that Robert decided he wanted create a career for himself in the strength world.

Robert interned for the strength and conditioning departments at Appalachian State University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill during college. He graduated from UNC in 2015 with degrees in Exercise/Sport Science and Peace, War, and Defense.

East Carolina University was the landing spot after college. Robert worked on Jeff Connor’s staff as a strength and conditioning graduate assistant with the football team.

Robert was introduced to cross-training during his time at East Carolina. He was drawn to the unique ability to constantly evolve and its use of high-intensity movements. Robert worked as the strength and conditioning coordinator and assistant coach at Metro CrossFit before the genesis of Crown Town Athletics. Outside of the gym, Robert enjoys reading, debating, volunteering, and hanging with his cats.

Crossfit Coaches in Charlotte

Crossfit Coaches in Charlotte

Chip Janson

CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Trainer
ACE Certified
TRX Suspension Training
TRX Rip-Training

After a 30 year career in sales, Chip went back to college taking classes in exercise science and biology (human nutrition) to obtain his A.C.E. personal training certification. In 2011 a good friend (his spinning instructor) took Chip to a CrossFit class and he realized a different level of working out. It was far more challenging than anything he had ever done. Chip worked as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor until getting his Level I in 2012, then began his journey to become a CrossFit coach helping others embrace and enjoy this new fitness phenomenon. Chip loves learning and sharing new methods and information to help others achieve their fitness goals. 

Chip was born and raised in Bellevue, KY (5 min outside of Cincinnati, OH) and his wife’s job brought their family to Charlotte in 2013.  Chip has 2 beautiful daughters, Jennifer (23) and Rachel (20); and a wonderful wife of 32 years, Julie.

Braulio Ezequiel


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

Graduated Physical Education - Brazil

Rugby Player

Pilates Practitioner

Brau started his passion for fitness when he was a kid. He had the chance to practice and play soccer, judo, handball, biking and swimming. Eventually he found his true love: rugby. Since 2008 Brau has played rugby competitively and is now a player of Charlotte Rugby Club.

Brau, was introduced to Crossfit in 2014, at Crossfit 198 (São Paulo - Brazil), where he found a place to improve his rugby physical skills, and most importantly, he also discovered one more passion in life: coaching others.

Since then Brau not only has been engaging in people fitness development, but also he is using his knowledge and skills, helping to create an internal program to enhance coaches methodology and training application.

Brau is married with his lovely wife, Vanessa. They moved from São Paulo - Brazil to Charlotte in 2019.

Crossfit Coaches in Charlotte


Stacy Crozier


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Stacy has been an avid Crossfitter since 2011. She grew up playing a variety of sports, but in her adult life no other athletic training ever stuck until she found Crossfit. After giving birth to her daughter in 2014 she found a renewed energy in Crossfit and decided to get her L1 in May of 2018. During her Crossfit journey Stacy found that nutrition played an important role in helping her to get better in the gym. She has completed the Whole 30 program roughly a dozen times and loves to share her nutrition discoveries with others.

Crossfit is a family affair with her husband Tommy and her daughter Maggie, and even their dog Murphy (named for the Hero WOD Murph).

Kendal Held


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer