Can Health & Wellness Support Environmental Sustainability?

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“You’re either an activist or you’re not”

Obesity rates are at all time highs. For the first time in history children may live shorter lives than their parents. And the only planet we know of is warming due to human activities which will likely impact the way we live, work, and play around the world. This among all of the other things going on can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes it seems as though there’s nothing we can do. I disagree.

At one point in my life I was told ‘you’re either an activist or you’re not’ so I decided to get involved. I went back to school, changed careers (multiple times), and found ways to dig into the Charlotte community. Through that has come failure—lots of failure. But some wins too—one of which is the opportunity to be involved in both the health and wellness and sustainability sectors. And I believe these two silos can and should operate together and I have the intention of proving it.

On Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 9am to 12pm Crown Town Athletics will host any person who wants to put their best foot forward (literally) to contribute to the greater community, all while helping themselves become healthier. All proceeds from the event go to Trips for Kids (TFK)—a group that grants children access to bikes and educates them on safety. Just to note: biking is one of the most sustainable ways to transport yourself while you also get the gift of health—win, win. On top of proceeds going to TFK, we’ll also have a handful of great companies out there who too live through action. We’ll update you with those names throughout next week. These companies either help kids or protect the environment in various ways (some do both)—and they may even have goodies for you too. Sound enticing? Sign up using this link or reach out to us at