All people struggle with programming their workouts. Don't worry, we're here to help. Whether you're a beginner or a competitive athlete, we've got you covered--our program is developed by licensed trainers and professionals that's catered to your specific needs.

crown town Athletics develops lifelong athletes. our clients live pain free And experience consistent improvement in their abilities. General physical preparedness is the foundation of our program and Our leveled system allows athletes of all levels to set goals and understand the specific requirements for advancement in their own unique way.

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Initial Assessment and Baseline Testing




Crown Town offers a complimentary 1-1 Assessment to every new member. Testing is critical for our coaches and athletes. THe practice allows coaches to assess the incoming athletes strengths, weaknesses, and movement faults. Based on each athletes abilities we assign them to an appropriate level of programming. For clients who are just beginning their first fitness regimen.



1. Functional Training


Our functional program centers upon training proper neural recruitment, core strength, and the mobility necessary to complete dynamic movements. During this phase of training athletes will be required to perform bodyweight movements emphasizing form and control. Athletes learn to push, pull, squat, throw, and jump, correctly. In order for an athlete to graduate they must display a competent understanding of the movement patterns and the body control to begin weight bearing exercises.


2. Progressive Strength


Athletes in the progressive strength phase will undertake a weight bearing exercise regimen. Athletes will follow a linear periodization model for weightlifting. During this phase athletes are working to develop strength, develop motor skills for technical movements, and continuing to progress in their metabolic conditioning and gymnastic skill. Testing in this phases will be completed with rep-max tests.


3. Advanced Skill  


Technical strength athletes are ready to compete. During this phase of training athletes begin to convert their strength into strength-power. Velocity training is paramount to athletes in this phase. The biggest change from progressive to technical strength is the inclusion of new modalities designed to improve velocity and CNS enhancement.


4. Competition Training 


This program is for serious athletes who display a mastery of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning. This program is designed to work on force production, max effort strength, and speed training. This an arduous program designed only for elite athletes.